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Furnace Repair

In Northwest Arkansas & having trouble with your furnace? Read on.

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Try these seven things first

Furnace not working? Hold the phone — you may be able to fix the issue yourself for free.

1. Check your thermostat batteries. If your thermostat screen is blank or showing a battery symbol, there's a good chance bad batteries are your issue. Changing them out is simple: just take the thermostat unit off the wall and toss a couple fresh batteries in it. Note: Even if your thermostat screen is lit, you can still have bad batteries. They may have just enough power to turn the screen on, but not enough to flip the relays that actually do the work of telling your furnace to come on.

2. Check that your furnace hasn't been accidentally switched off. Sometimes things happen and furnaces get switched off accidentally. To check yours, go to your furnace (oftentimes in the attic) and look for a switch connected to it (it usually looks like a light switch). It should be easy to find. Make sure it’s switched on, and if not, flip it. Not sure what your furnace looks like? Here's one:

3. Check that your furnace circuit breaker isn't tripped or off. There's a chance your furnace issues can be traced back to the breaker box. To check, go to your breaker box and look for a switch labeled furnace. If the switch is on the opposite side of all the other switches, flip it. Voilà — your issue should be fixed. If the switch is in the middle position, your circuit breaker tripped because of an electrical issue. Flipping it may fix the issue, but we always recommend getting someone out there to figure out what tripped it. If it trips again, you absolutely need to have a technician out because something is seriously wrong.

4. Make sure your furnace is receiving fuel. To work, your furnace needs something to burn. If your propane tank is empty or your natural gas is turned off, your furnace is going to turn on then turn right back off. So check and make sure you've got fuel going to your furnace.

5. Check your filter. Sometimes filters get so dirty that they cause the entire HVAC system to shut off. To rule that out, replace your old filter with a clean one (you can get them from Walmart or online for just a few bucks: make sure you get the right size!). If you've never changed yours before, first you need to locate it. Most are behind the big metal vent you see in your ceiling (usually a hallway). Here’s a typical one:

Once you find your return air vent, remove the grate and take out the filter. There should be some numbers on the side that tell you what size you need to buy. After buying a new one, place it in the grate with the arrow on the side facing up. Now just flip your furnace circuit breaker off and then back on (see above) and cross your fingers!

If you're tried the above and still no luck

If all of the above fail, you can be confident you have a real issue with your heating system. That doesn't necessarily mean the repair is going to be expensive, just that you'll need an HVAC technician to work on it.

If you want a helping hand, our service calls are $19 plus tax, so you can get a friendly, trained Franklin technician out there to diagnose your issue for around the same cost as a couple large pizzas. He’ll figure out what the issue is, recommend a repair, and if you go with it, hopefully have your home warm again within a couple hours.

To schedule service for a furnace or heating repair in Northwest Arkansas, just tap the "Schedule online" button or text/call us at (479) 282-0003.

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A service call is when we send out a technician to help you figure out what's going on with your system. Once our tech figures out what the issue is, he'll lay out the repair options and let you decide what route to take. If you don't want to do the repair, you're only out the $19 service fee. That's a service call.
If it's a piece of equipment that blows warm air into a home, we can fix it.
We sure do. As a homeowner looking to be as frugal as possible with your money, it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion on repair or replacement recommendations. If you're in that position and another company has condemned a major part of your system (coil, compressor), give us a call and we'll get a trained technician out there as soon as possible to give you another opinion.
We do maintenance a little differently at Franklin. Rather than lock people into expensive annual plans, we use a reminder system to notify our customers when it's time for maintenance. Then we leave it up to them to schedule, if they would like. Because of the efficiency of that system, we are able to offer AC and heating tune-ups at a very low price - $69.

Want to schedule a maintenance and be added to our reminder list? Just tap the "Schedule online" button or text/call us at (479) 282-0003.