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NWA HVAC Installation Utility Rebate & Tax Credit Calculator

Use the calculator below to see if your Northwest Arkansas HVAC installation project qualifies for any utility rebates or federal tax credits.

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There are few home expenses that rival the cost of replacing an HVAC system. No matter how you go about it, it's going to be a substantial purchase. The good news is that right now there are a ton of rebates & tax credits that can help lessen the blow. This calculator is meant to help you quickly see how much an HVAC installation can potentially net you depending on the type and efficiency of the system being installed.

Important disclaimer: This calculator was built as a good faith attempt to help people better understand the costs and benefits of installing an HVAC system in Northwest Arkansas. Please do your own research and confirm any figures provided before making any major decisions.

Existing AC's SEER rating:

New AC's SEER2 rating*:

New furnace's efficiency:

New AC type:

New AC size (in tons):

Current utilities**:


Black Hills:

Potential eligible SWEPCO rebates: $1,200.00

Potential eligible Black Hills rebates: $400.00

Potential eligible federal tax credits: $2,000.00

Potential total short term cash back***: $3,600.00

*SEER2 replaced SEER1 as the rating system for AC efficiency on January 1st, 2023. A SEER2 system is roughly 4.71% more efficient than a SEER system with the same rating number. Example: A system with a 16 SEER1 rating would rate as 15.24 under SEER2.

**As of 6/10/24, SWEPCO and Black Hills are the only utilities in Northwest Arkansas that offer HVAC rebates.

***Qualifying for rebates and tax credits is a bit complicated than just SEER & furnace efficiency, but this is a quick and easy way to check eligiblity.